2017 Backwoods Fest Entertainment

Friday September 15th

Show Hours 8am - 6pm


8am                        Flag Raising / Show Opens

9am-1pm               The Sodbusters                  Main Stage

9am-1pm               Lewis Pride                         Stage 2

9am-1pm               Open Highway                    Dittoe Park

1:30pm-5:30pm    Wayfarers                           Main Stage

1:30pm-5:30pm    Timberline                          Stage 2

1:30-5:30pm          Jacob Dunn                         Dittoe Park

1pm-6pm pm         Lukas Harlan


Saturday September 16th

Show Hours 8am - 6pm


2pm Auction - All Proceeds donated to:

St. Jude Children's Hospital


8am                        Backwoods Fest Opens

9am-1pm               Sawmill Ridge                     Main Stage

9am-1pm               The Trio Evolution             Stage 2

9am-1pm               The Sodbusters                   Dittoe Park

11am-3pm              Lewis Pride                         Hamburgers

2pm                        Auction St. Jude’s               Main Stage

1:30pm-5:30pm    Open Highway                    Stage 2

1:30pm-5:30pm    Timberline                          Dittoe Park

12pm-6pm             Lukas Harlan


Sunday September 17th

Show Hours 8am - 5pm


8am                        Church Service                   Main Stage

                                Pastor Dave Helser & The Sodbusters

8am-1pm               The Sodbusters                   Main Stage

9am-1pm               Open Highway                    Stage 2

9am-1pm               Wayfarers                           Dittoe Park

11am-3pm              Barefoot McCoy                 Hamburgers

12pm-4pm             Lukas Harlan

1pm-5pm               Timberline                          Main Stage

1pm-5pm               Sawmill Ridge                     Stage 2

1pm-5pm               Lewis Pride                         Dittoe Park



THE SODBUSTERS are a unique acoustic blend of American musical genres ranging from crooning country to twangin' rock & roll; swingin' jazz to rootsy folk; singer/songwriter originals to traditional standards. They approach their music with an exuberant energy, a

spontaneous attitude, and a novel freshness.

Blue eyes cryin' in the rain (with intermittent laughter)

Posted by The Sodbusters on Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Phone: 740-246-4709

Address: 8572 High Point Rd. Thornville, OH 43076


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